Cynthia Toelle

I have always liked looking through the lens of a camera. I received my first 35mm SLR as a teen and quickly fell in love with this means of expressing my creativity. I put my creativeness to work by capturing those special images of family, close friends, landscapes and portrait pictures of my children. I remember waiting in anticipation for several days just to see how the pictures would turn out. My time available to devote to my photography hobby waned with my attention being focused on raising two children and my vocations of paramedic, then airline flight attendant, and eventually working my way to airline captain.

The days of waiting for prints to be developed are gone. With the arrival of the age of digital photography and powerful editing software, those of us with a passion for photography have moved from taking pictures to creating refined images. It re-kindled my love for this art form and caused me to want to make something more of it than a hobby.

As you think about your photography needs for a special occasion, I hope that you will consider letting me work with you to create the memories that suit whatever the occasion.
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